Noi restiamo

European Union and the Brain Robbery

20:45 Uhr, RAA-E-29 (english)

„Noi Restiamo“ („Keep on staying/We stay“) is a student movement which fights the emigration of youth from southern Europe and its unerdlying causes. In a first part, members of „Noi Restiamo“ will analyse the permanent systemic crisis, and therefore forced international competition. Subsequently, consequences for Italy and other countries as mass unemployment, labour flexibility, existential precariousness and forced emigration – a form of brain robbery as „Noi Restiamo“ declares –  are discussed. Noi Restiamo’s answer to all this is: We Stay! For what? And how to fight supranational neoliberal projects as the EU educational reforms? – Finally, in an open discussion you are invited to ask your questions and share your ideas.