(Refugee) Situation in and from Afghanistan

Sohail Khan, Activist and founder of education for integration

20:15 Uhr

With the return of the Taliban to power, the situation in Afghanistan is more critical again. In this talk Sohail Khan will report on the status at the moment but also reflect on some perspectives. One focus will be on the situation of women in Afghanistan and the possibilities for feminist action at the moment. A second discussion point will be the on the general situation of the people. What are the most urgent needs and what can be done in support of the Afghan people from our place here in Europe? The third and last point of the talk will be on the situation of Afghani refugees now. What are the possibilities to flee and what are the biggest problems for refugees on these routes currently? Towards the end of the event there will also be time to ask questions and for a discussion.

Sohail Khan is an activist from the bigger Lucerne area. He fled 2016 to Switzerland. Here he founded ‘Education for Integration’ that focuses on language learning and a participatory approach. In the context of the organisation a series of parties, a language coffee and other projects developed.

(This event will be held in English. However, feel free to ask questions and participate in the discussion in German.)